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janja vs jasiri

Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. You're evil. Jasiri stated with a nervous tone as she blushed, "You've always tried to kill me. "Well, I'm not scared of you right now." Janja and Jasiri don't get along. Janja and Jasiri. There had been no turns. #lionkingjasiri He then placed his head on top of her neck. Janja carried Jasiri through the tunnels. Kubwa climbed to the tallest cliff on the Outlands. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Jasiri smiled. Miyabi gave Madoa a warm smile. "Are you tired?" She saw Janja chasing a zebra. Cheezi and Chungu noticed Mzingo and Mwoga flying on top. "Jas, it's like ya said, we need to work together, let me help ya. Later, he and his clan join Jasiri's clan and submit to her leadership. He tried to bite it when the zebra kicked him. Janja exclaimed, "You could get hurt again." Jasiri smiled. "Ya okay?" Chapter 16 Accepting differences over feelings. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. The Lion Guard followed Jasiri through the Outlands. Janja came to a stop. Just in 10 seconds Janja opened his eyes again. "I want you to see this" Hatari said as he took Janja by his mane and pulled back his head downward. Their eyes looking into one another with their faces close to each other. "Sure..." He started walking. I'm simply doing these for Jasiri" Kujitoa said without turning to Wazimu. Hatari motioned to Cheezi and Chungu. Just hope." "I don't think Jasiri would've wandered so far...." Wazimu said. Janja first admitted having thought about what she had told him about Sisi Ni Sawa before revealing Scar's betrayal and the current situation of … He laid down and went to sleep. 2. Janja immediately orders his two minions to return to Outlands while Kion pursues them to the border. #thelionking Cheezi added. She limped a little. As Jasiri was sleeping, she smelled the scent of Janja that shows up right after and she asked him what he is doing on his territory. Ch. He got in front and leaned down. Jasiri licked her paw. Janja and Jasiri don't get along. Blood was everywhere. Instead, Jasiri and her clan form a resistance to help the Lion Guard fight Scar's army. He calmed himself down and closed his eyes. We both once lost one of our best friends. #lionguard Jasiri thought for a while. Chungu rolled his eyes, "We told you not to spook the herd until The Lion Guard was out of sight." "Oh, so you want Jasiri's approval first?" Janja sighed. Janja sighed. I was thinking if she is good maybe she could change Janja… "I don't care if it's not, I'm sleepy and tired." Janja stopped to a clear area. Jasiri laughed. He panted. Ya can limp but ya can fall too. Jasiri manages to fight off the four hyenas sent after her, and saves the two cubs from Cheezi and Chungu. By the time she arrives with Janja at Pride Rock, the Lion Guard and Janja's clan have already escaped the fire. "Nothing ever escapes you, does it Wazi?.....". He took hold of her injured paw. A smile came across her face. Janja and Jasiri profess their love and share a kiss. Which gives her more reason to come back home." Jasiri blushed and got on top of him. But I'll proove to be even more." Janja questioned. Hatari turned away. Jasiri leaned against the wall. Janja got up from his spot and went over to Jasiri. Miyabi exhaled. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. "No problem" Jasiri laughed, "You guys helped me before." He then got to her side and placed on his front legs around her waist. Hatari laughed. #lionguardjasiri Janja smirked, "I always knew ya admired my bad attitude." Jasiri made her way to her turf. "I'll be careful" Jasiri insisted, "You're not going to be carrying me on your back the whole time." Jasiri was touched. He is the former leader of a clan of hyenas from the Outlands. See ya!” “See ya Jasiri!” Janja called after her. Now this is comfortable. But after spending time with the hyena Janja comes to care for her and feels he is in love with Jasiri and tries to impress her. Well, here we go again. No! Jasiri does not seem to feel threatened by Janja and is able to defeat him and most of his clan alone. She laughed. And I've already slept with her last night so If I want to I'll do it again! After she and the cubs were rescued by the Lion Guard, Jasiri openly admitted that she noticed how Janja had become much more determined to … "I miss him too. Davidchannel's movie-spoofs of Dreamworks Animation SKG's 2010 Computer-Animated comedy sequel film Shrek Forever After. The one we cared for so much." Then they would have been out of the way. Janja leaned down. "You barely think of that?" they became enemies, but he reformed in Season 3, "Battle of the Pride Lands. Show me what you've got." Okay" Janja leaned down and Jasiri landed on three paws. She had to do something. Janja, Jasiri, Kiburi and Reirei had agreed to have a meeting about the Outlands, and it was determined that Jasiri was the most worthy to lead the Outlanders, as Janja and Reirei knew Jasiri would help the Outlands tremendously and Kiburi didn’t care much about it at that point. Jasiri asked clearly confused "uh I heard scar mention about the outsiders once or twice"Janja nervously admitted "How do you know about zira"Janja asked confused Jasiri sighed in defeat"she took over my family's watering hole and they wouldn't share it"Jasiri told Janja "I know exactly what to do come on"Jasiri told him confidential. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Janja rolled over, letting the cub rest atop his belly. "I'm just going to try" Jasiri said. Janja sighed. "I'm also worried, and wherever Jasiri is right now, she must know that we're worried. "Oh, ya want me to get on my bad side and take it out on ya?" Don't even think about it Janja told himself, but she looks.....comfy. He closed his eyes and when to sleep as he blushed hard. Near the end of the episode, Jasiri saves Janja fro… Janja yelled as he reached the zebras tail. "Janja, I'm going to try and walk..." Jasiri said as she took a step forward. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. She's soo cute and peaceful Janja cooed. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Well technically he pined jasiri once and almost killed her. It was just a nightmare Janja said to himself. "You're doing this to impress Madoa" Wazimu said between snickers. Yay! So soft..... Janja thought as he cuddled close to her and nuzzled his head on her mane and neck. Whoa." Atleast, not in a comfortable way. "Yeah. After a few more minutes of walking they finally reached their destination, Flat Ridge Rock. Come on you look like a scared pup. Jasiri has already been shown to kick Janja’s ass, so Jasiri automatically wins. Miyabi looked into the distance. #disneyjunior "That's the way Janja does it." "Yeah, but we're also friends." She was about to walk to him but slipped. "Maybe,....but when she gets in trouble, she never has a choice" Kujitoa informed. #lionkingjanja She laid down. Hatari turned to Chungu, "And the whole point I spooked them before the lion guard left was so they could get killed in the stampede! He can't sleep. "What is it?" Jasiri understood what he was trying to say to her. Janja bolted awake. Kujitoa stopped on his tracks. Ze duikt op in "De Leeuwenwacht-serie" (2016-2019). "What are you looking at?" Hatari sighed. Janja shook his head. Janja smiled mischievously just thinking about his idea. Janja and Jasiri my fav couple from the lion guard. Hatari got in front of Janja and started to circle around him, "Unlike you, I was actually able to hunt a whole herd down. First of all, JASIRI'S BACK and this by far was probably my favorite episode But I couldn't help but notice how janja thinks about jasiri now. The crew followed. "Well, arent you going to continue?" "What's wrong? "Thanks for saving us back there Jasiri." Janja sat down. "Janja isn't here! "I can make myself useful Janja" Jasiri  said. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Ya got injured. Janja exclaimed. Hatari laughed. #jasiri "Clouds. Oh, and the extra blood in the volcano, I guess your crew didn't make it." "What did you do?" "Nguvu....." Madoa softly replied. Bold, spunky, and snarky, Jasiri is a hyena through-and-through, but unlike Janja, she is a fr… Janja asked with fear in his words. Janja walked as he carried Jasiri on his back. How could I admire that? Wazimu teased as she laughed. Janja is a malehyena. What Janja saw was the whole Pride Lands where everyone laid dead. Kujitoa rolled his eyes then smiled at his friends statement. #savanna "Do you like what you're watching? Janja got up and chased the zebra. ". He looked up at Jasiri, "Oh, ya miss my bad side all of a sudden?" Read 16: Good morning from the story JanjaXJasiri by jasirixjanja (Jasiri X Janja) with 499 reads. "Thanks for everything" Jasiri said and smiled, "You're not the bad hyena I know inside these caverns." Davidchannel's movie-spoofs of Dreamworks Animation SKG's 2007 Computer-Animated comedy sequel film Shrek the Third. Jasiri thinks she likes Janja but doesn't want to accept it because of their rivalry a... #disney Janja went to the corner and leaned down. Once she made her way out she sighed in releif and ran to her territory. Madoa took notice. He searched down. In Rescue in the Outlands, Janja smiles with a somewhat dreamy expression when he says that Jasiri is fearless. Janja dodged but was quickly pinned down. Evil? Janja stopped. No! I'll be helping and returning the favor at da same time." He sighed and looked deeper. "Oh! Janja's clan approach Jasiri. She held the one that hurt up. "That's not your bad side. "Ok, I'm done" Janja said as he approached Jasiri from behind. She looked at the ground. I mean just take a rest" Chungu said. Jasiri assumes "love's true form" as the curse predicted, and remains an hyena permanently. Janja faked cries of pain as Ashanti dug her teeth softly into Janja’s mane. #janjaxjasiri Still givin' credit to TheGamingHyena16 for keeping up with the idea. First of all in the song janja blows away kion....someone's jealous But while janja was talking about jasiri to scar and ushari he mentioned her as "fearless" and i could see a smile on janja's face! Jasiri lacht veel, is speels en impulsief. "Well, that proves it. Janja and his clan are descendants of Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, and the hyenas from the original film. “Janja,” she scolded lightly, “Don’t you think that Ashanti is a little young for all this fighting?” She began walking in the direction of her daughter and mate. "Is it night already?" He was alive. No longer believing she is beautiful, Jasiri is consoled by Janja, who tells her she always has been. Jasiri asked. Jasiri wins female hyenas are bigger and meaner than males. Jasiri lowered her ears. Jasiri took a step towards him. Sooooo, hop on." Wazimu stared at Kujitoa for a while as they searched. Janja groaned in annoyance. “Well, I gotta go, Janja. It was moments like these that made him forget about being hungry. They get married in the swamp surrounded by other fairytale creatures, and leave on their honeymoon.

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